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Cottage Interior

To this day, it is still one of the most popular styles: cottage style Your interior can play an important role to counter the pressure and the stress of everyday living. One is very lucky to be able to come home to a friendly cottage interior. This is a style that is very close to Marcotte Style. Soft colors and comfortable fabrics with suitable decorations ensure an almost vintage appearance. Depending on your taste and the architectural characteristics of the home you can opt for various soft colour combinations that make the cottage interior complete. It is another great advantage if you rely on an interior decorator for the correct colour advice in order to prevent disappointment.

We add value to your cottage interior.

The panelling and wooden ceilings with beams are also typical of a cottage interior. Thus the house will achieve its own identity and a snug feeling depending on the combination of colors and textures. The ceiling will usually be finished in off-white or broken white. Leaving you with the typical feeling of a cottage interior. The suitable cottage style furniture is also available from Marcotte Style. These are mostly made from solid oak bleached with ammonia giving you an aged look. Don’t just purchase the first available cottage furniture, but only solid wood pieces that could provide added value to your style. From the first step into a home one should be able to feel that an interior decorating master was at work here.