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New York Style

Who does not dream of a New York 5th Avenue penthouse? This style is slightly extravagant without being kitsch. In any case, Marcotte Style never turns to exuberance; it remains chic, classy, sober wealth. However, here, every room needs to be at least fitted with a high-range music system, air conditioning and always something lovely and unique. For this, the interior decorator will have this installation completely tucked away in the ceilings or behind the walls. A wireless music system connected to the internet is a fine example. For instance, you will be able to select free music in your favorite style (jazz, top 100, crooze, classic, hip hop etc.) in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room and from your I-Phone, too. A style truly befitting all electronic features, such as a TV that automatically slides out of a tailor-made cabinet and invisible air conditioning in the ceilings.

The Metropolitan Style

The Metropolitan Style is a close relative, as this also revolves around luxury and comfort. However, the New York Style has no interest in glitter and glamour with metallic and gleaming effects to bring life to your home. Marcotte Style distances itself from this slightly kitsch style.

New York Style is also a style to impress visitors, but it does so in an elegant way in which, once again, all furniture and decorations with ethnic or classic backgrounds invoke the feel of a cosmopolitan with taste and class.

Such a style befits a contrasting theme, such as colors combined with nickel and some nostalgic retro elements. Do not experiment; everything needs to remain subtle and the cheapest way of achieving this is usually only through an experienced interior decorator.

Are you attracted to the industrial vintage style from a New York loft and you have no idea how you can accommodate this style in your home? Then contact us as specialist in New York style or Marcottestyle.